Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Jig

It's this thing we do everyday
well those of us commute
You know the dance
He weaves this way, you weave that way
She smiles, you smize
You run breathless
O wait the train is delayed for another 5 mins.
You stand most days, some days you sit
Maybe you have a conversation
Maybe you put your earphones in and drown out the noise
Maybe you try to sleep
Or catch up on your increasingly behind devotion
You smile to the man who tells you you are beautiful while trying to give you a free newspaper
Your heart breaks a little for every drunken, crazy, homeless individual you see
You sanitize your hands a 100 times
Ok make it 1000 times
Your nose adjusts to the smells
Ever walked 4 blocks holding your breath?
And the tourists...
The French speaking who ask for a chocolate croissant in such an exotic manner you order one too
The British speaking couple who sound so amazing you want to ask if they have a son
The German speaking, the Indian speaking, the Italian speaking and of course
The loud speaking African, always Nigerian.
And you wouldn't change a thing
Not one thing!
On, this fortunate journey, called The Jig

I hope you are well and April is rounding off awesomely well for you. I'll see you next month and catch you up soon on all the business that is my life. Through it all we thank God.

Have a blessed week & God Bless.