Sunday, October 9, 2016

30 IS HERE!!!

... In exactly 16 days and 3 hours.
how time flies.

I am not even sure I have the words to describe the emotions that runs through my head as every day draws closer. I  had been counting down for months, so excited to see the day come, but then the month started and I am no longer as elated.

I started to think about all the things I had wanted to do and accomplished by now, goals that have not even come close to being met and I was sad and ashamed. I took an assessment at the present and even that didn't look any better. Sometimes I swear the past has been so much kinder. But then I remembered that I had started this year with a close friend of mine whose 30th birthday was also in the month of October, October 1st, to be precise and he is no longer alive. Its actually what made me so sad and stopped my countdown because I then started to think, what had I made of my life if I left the world today?

Screw all that. I'm not sure how we come up with these ideas nways, that by 30 we have to have done this and done that. I am not God, so many things in this world is so beyond my control, and God knows I have played that hands that were dealt me the best that I can. All I can do, all I am choosing to do is to be extremely grateful.

Grateful for life,
Grateful for good health,
Grateful for family and friends,
Grateful for a God who loves me,
Grateful for provision and protection,
Grateful for mercy, grace, peace and love,
Grateful for joy amidst intangibles of life,
Simply grateful.

Over the next 16 days, I will be expressing my gratitude in small ways. I will be spending my day "working from home" just so I can pick up calls and reply texts etc. I never work on my birthday and it's the only day my phone is not on silent. If all goes well, maybe drive down to a city I haven't been to the weekend of, I'm thinking Maine, we shall see sha.

Here's to 30. Here's to love, Here's to strength, Here's to prosperity. Here's to happiness. Here's to me,

Have a blessed rest of the month guys.

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